The Music

"I've just finished playing your tape and you are an absolute genius, it's just beautiful.
I think the last quarter or third virtually puts you in touch with all that is, then after that this incredible feeling of humbleness, it was just superb. You are really a gifted man so congratulations. I can see this doing so much stuff for people, it just makes my heart sing, its just beautiful, I will just keep on playing it. Thank you so much."
Jill I, Scarborough WA

"Every one who has bought your CDs have commented on how lovely they are. I play them in the shop and they are so calming.
Love and Light"
Tina H, Derby WA

"I have been meaning to contact you for some time, just to thank you for, and to tell you how much I really appreciate your CD Jurong BirdPark. At the Garden Show you were playing "Cage of Gold" as I was passing by and the music was so hauntingly beautiful that I immediately bought a copy of the CD. I love listening to it, and have cried my eyes out at times, letting go of a great deal of grief which has been bottled up for far too long. Thank you for your music. Sincerely"
Elva, Perth WA

"On behalf of everyone involved with the 2001 Kings Park Wild Flower Festival, thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment to this event."
The Director, Kings Park Wild Flower Festival

"Dear Robert, This note is to thank you for your contribution to the program"
Ian McNamara Australian Broadcasting Commission

"Heard you perform at the Deepak Chopra seminar, I loved your music
Regards and Best wishes"
Alan W, Facilitated Solutions, Perth WA

"Dear Mr Boyd, I was interested to hear your ABC interview the other day. Congratulations on your efforts to settle cattle in feed lot situations"
Dian, Three Springs WA

"I am one of your long time fans, I just love your music and I can meditate beautifully to that music."
Best wishes,Patsy, Mandurah WA

"Since returning to Port Macquarie a fortnight ago I have played your music continuously and in my opinion it is amongst the most beautiful music I have ever heard. I am anxious to hear more and I would be grateful if you could send me details of every thing you have available for sale.
Yours Sincerely"
Fred T, Port Macquarie NSW

"While in Perth recently I attended the Wild Flower Festival at Kings Park and while there purchased your recording of Images and Reflections from your stand. I have been so impressed with this recording that I am interested in getting more of them. Would you be so kind as to forward me a list of your work."
D Johnson, South Australia

"Dear Robert, I really wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your CD. It's really wonderful. I have a number of relaxation tapes but none come up to the concept and quality of yours."
John J, Auckland New Zealand

"Thank you so much for your magic music that has sustained me during this year on a daily basis."
Sue, Northam WA.

"G'day from Kokomo, Indiana, USA - Just listened to your Kings Park Western Australia "Images and Reflections" and found it to be one of the loveliest tapes I have heard. Just wanted you to know that your music is heard and enjoyed tremendously on the other side of the world."
Blessings from Tleena, Kokomo Indiana USA


"... Angel Song is and has played an important role in the process, uplifting and carrying me back to the Universe of which I am one - as your music comes into me, so the pain rolls back - until although the pain is still there it no longer hurts - body and mind rest in peace. Thank you Robert J Boyd! Thank you for the music that comes through you and reminds me to remember to enjoy every moment of my life."
In Love and peace Rupert, Hungerford England

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much Ian appreciated your music, especially in the last few Months of his life, while he was painting and writing his book.
He had got a lot out of the one-on-one session he had with you.
I still fall asleep to your music, we have every one of your works.
Kind regards "
Christine R, Perth WA

"I am writing to thank you for the beautiful CD that I picked up from your collection "Images and Reflections" It is a tapestry of music and Nature at its best. It is very much admired by my clients. I am an aroma therapist, Reflexologist and Bowen therapist. I would very much like to incorporate your music in to my work especially the Intensive Therapeutic Recordings. I am very interested to attend your workshop in Dublin.
When are you coming back to Ireland? Please Please please send me information on your recordings, seminars and workshops."
Love Light blessings, Eileen, Co Louth Ireland

"Many thanks Robert for sending us your new CD, it is really beautiful and how I envy your God given talent that enables you to create such beautiful music. We have been through some very difficult times not so long ago triggered by the loss of our daughter. Your music helped us a lot and there was nearly always a "Robert Boyd" playing on the stereo. We fall asleep to it every night. May God bless you Robert and keep you safe so we can enjoy what you create for many years to come."
Kevin and Judy, Mandurah WA

"December 2000
Dear Robert, You helped me with information on how to use your music to help heal my 84 year old mother's broken arm. Unfortunately we were not able to access a CD player while she was in hospital, but she seems to have had dramatic pain relief since starting to use track 8 of volume three as recommended by you. She has only had 5 sessions of the 8.45 minute track so far. She has had a pretty bad time with the pain until we started using the music. Last night was the best sleep she has had for over two weeks. Thank you for this wonderful gift."

"7th February 2001
Just to let you know that Mum had the plaster off her arm about 4 weeks ago and considering that the ortho said it was a particularly bad break, and the fact that she is 'getting on' a bit , she seems very pleased with her mobility and lack of pain.
Your music was used religiously by her and I am sure it has helped greatly.
The very first time she applied the sound therapy it seemed to take the stiffness out of her fingers and offered her significant pain relief. Thank you very much for helping us and sharing the special gift your music brings."
Best wishes, Gaye, Geraldton WA