Therapy in the Air

Katie Warfield Postcard Magazine, Vol 2, No 2, 1999.

Attention aeroplane-fearing travellers! Help is at hand. Listen to any of Australian composer and Music therapist Robert Boyd's soul-soothing CDs and your next flying experience should be a much calmer one.

Combining unique sounds and instruments with peaceful birdsong, each recording works to settle the nerves and to complement meditation and relaxation techniques. "The smallest event can create a phobia," says Boyd, "but a phobia is self-created and people need to relax, take a step back and ask themselves, why am I afraid?"

Boyd also creates personalised compositions for people with anxieties such as air travel phobias. As part of his clinical sessions, Boyd will play a spontaneous and personalised 'concert-on-the-spot' and, at the end of the session, the client receives a copy of the recorded music to aid meditation or relaxation.