Healing Websites:

Liquid Music

Ilya Nikkolai uses Liquid Music to explore the language of Light, Colour and Eternal Movement. Liquid Music is an unprecedented, incredibly effective and enjoyable experience that will dramatically reduce stress, promote healing and help you achieve peace and clarity of mind!

Dian Booth

Dian Booth has been developing the use of sound and colour for healing for 20 years. Her approach has been informed and strongly influenced by ancient Egyptian and ancient Australian Aboriginal healing methods. She is also a professional violinist and psychologist. In Alice Springs she was honoured by being given permission to use Aboriginal Healing Land to give workshops.

Other Websites:

Araluen Botanic Park

A beautiful place to visit in the hills out of Perth. A must for tourists and a lovely park to relax for locals anytime

The Art of Pam Barbour

Pam's lovely paintings are a joy to behold, Check out her range of gift cards also