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Earth BNDVD002    Brand new Release selling for $25,  this DVD is not part of the current sale price.

EARTH is a new concept in the art of audio visual, an unprecedented state - of - the - art relaxation experience you can enjoy and benefit time and time again, letting you effortlessly achieve a state as powerful, pleasant and healing as deep meditation. Applying the latest developments in our understanding of the link between music and light, colour and movement, visionary internationally renowned video artist, Ilya Nikkolai has joined with uniquely gifted composer and sound healer Robert J. Boyd, to create a stunning, sublime, ground breaking audio visual feast that improves with each viewing.

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Spirit of the Planets SERCD16

inspired by celestial events that occurred over the past several years such as The Venus Transit across the Sun and the alignment of planets known as the Grand Sextile. This album is a superb example of Robert’s ability to create not just beautiful music but leaves you with an experience that touches the soul and spiritually inspires.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Galaxy || Grand Sextile

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Music of the Whales SERCD15

Composing and blending my music to the rich voices of the Humpback whales of Hervey Bay has been a great pleasure and an enlightening process.  I realised when you can sit down and listen to their song in the quiet of your own relaxed solitude you will then truly connect to and appreciate the communication of these wonderful beings of the sea. 

Track 5 is a unique 30 minute meditation of whale song with a subtle backing of music.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Dance with Whales || The Dream

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Healing Music for the Soul SERCD014

From the exquisite solo and duet voices in “The Vision” through the deep rich harmonics of “Sound the Tone” and “Bellisimo” into the mysterious depths of “Ocean”, and finally to the light sparkle of “Flowers” in a garden full of life. This magical journey will take you through experiences of expanded awareness and deep healing. Allow the music to take you in it’s flow like a leaf floating free on a flowing river.  Where it will take you is up to you.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Ocean || Sound The Tone

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The Blessing of Oneness SERCD013

The haunting music on this beautiful album is a direct result from the expanded spiritual awareness Robert experienced at the Oneness University on the island of Savu Savu, Fiji.

Robert is no stranger to inspiration, his beautiful music has been used and appreciated by many people all over the world for its healing and meditative qualities.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
The Voice of an Angel || The Blessing of Oneness

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The Healing Music of Robert Boyd SERCD 012

"Healing is not just about curing an ailment. Healing is about understanding who we are and what we are. It is all about recognition and awareness of ourselves and our relationship with the universe.

Quantum Physics tells us that all matter is vibrating particles. Music is pure vibration. Is it any woinder then that music can play a major role in how we relate to our own bodies and indeed the world around us."

Robert J Boyd

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Song of the Wind || Sacred Forest

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Awakening the Goddess SERCD 011

This is a unique recording taking both men and women on a sublime musical journey into the energies of the God/Goddess.

Awakening the Goddess is arguably the most important and rewarding work I have been involved in to date. The feminine energy which is affecting our world at this time is an awesome and significant step in our world’s history. The balancing of the masculine and feminine energies (God and Goddess) is crucial to the next evolutionary phase of our being, and this music represents this transformation in terms of sound vibration.

It is a powerful musical expression of the sacred understanding of our being. This CD is not about women – it is about humanity; it concerns men and women equally. The crucial balancing of the two energies of our life force is paramount for the future of our world and humanity as we know it."

Robert J Boyd

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
High Priestess || The Journey

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Awakening the Goddess

Celestial SERCD 010

A powerful three part recording of recent cosmic events - namely the Harmonic Concordance in November 2003, a full Moon rising and the Venus Transit in June 2004. From time immemorial mankind has looked to the heavens for guidance, direction and solace. It is well known that such cosmic events generate energies which affect world events and world consciousness.

Robert's ability to 'tune in' to these energies and interpret them in musical form is the inspiration for this outstanding recording.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Brightside of the Moon || Venus Transit

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Inspired by Nature

For the first time on DVD the magnificent images of renowned Australian nature photographer Steve Parish together with the beautiful music of Robert J. Boyd combine to make this stunning production a profound artistic experience.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks available on this site shortly

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Impressions SERCD 009

A different approach in music style with this recording reflecting a distinct multicultural flavour. The effect is quite beautiful with Robert's ability to compose immensely listenable music.

With Celtic, Spanish and Gypsy influences, this CD clearly demonstrates Robert's mastery of his keyboards which has delighted many who have had the privilege of seeing and hearing him perform live. Listen to the amazing "acoustic guitar" work and the haunting play of ethnic flutes and pipes on this CD of many sound 'impressions'. Sit back and let the music take you to your place where your Spirit resides.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Serenity || Awakening

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Sounds of Nature Series

Images and Reflections Vol 1 SERCD 001

Kings Park, the first of Robert's Nature Series features eight tracks of beautiful peaceful music blended with the bird calls of the area. With each composition depicting a different aspect of the park. This lovely park of approx 400 hect, a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, is within walking distance from the centre of the city of Perth, the capital of Western Australia.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Ode to the Pioneer Women || Little People

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Images and Reflections Vol 2 SERCD 002

A stunning musical journey through the South West of Western Australia. Rich in Bird life this region offers bird song exquisitely blended into the music to create a thoroughly pleasing recording. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this record goes to supporting the conservation and research of the rare and endangered Noisy Scrub Bird which is featured on track 5 of this album.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
The Raptors || Mountain Mystery

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Images and Reflections Vol 3 SERCD 003

The North West of Western Australia. The powerful and inspiring music of this recording expresses the timeless grandeur of this vast untamed region of Western Australia. The subtle blending of the sounds of the rich bird life of the North West in this CD reflects Robert's skill as a composer in harmony with nature.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Nascency || Desert Fringe

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Jurong Bird ParkSERCD 005

This famous Bird Park in Singapore is the sound backdrop to this extraordinary CD, composed and produced specifically for the Jurong BirdPark. A ballet performance has been choreographed to this CD, and the music has been utilised by a number of organisations for their meditation and relaxation sessions.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Birds of Paradise || Final Chorale

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Araluen SERCD 006

A superb example of Robert J Boyd's ability to compose his beautiful music as an interactive statement with our natural environment. A unique valley on the outskirts of Perth in the Darling Ranges of Western Australia, Araluen Botanic Park is a beautiful example of garden design where exotic flowers and trees together with native bush land blend in sheer harmony, beauty and tranquillity.

Robert's music reflects this tranquillity and highlights the natural sounds of this lovely park in a pleasing kaleidoscope of sound and music.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Joy of Spring || Images and Reflections

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Meditation Series

Sunset Meditation SERCD 007

This outstanding recording of meditation music was intuitively composed at a live public performance during the Perth Fringe Festival in January 2000. Over 200 people gathered at the outdoor bush land setting in Kings Park at sunset to participate in the meditation whilst Robert played.

This CD is the recorded performance of that evening. The music is ideal for Reiki,Tai-Chi, Chi-Gong,Yoga and any other meditative disciplines and beautiful for just listening.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Sunset Meditation 01 || Sunset Meditation 02

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Angel Song SERCD 008

This recording reflects a gentle, surreal beauty of sound which is so much part of Robert's ability to transcribe his energy into beautiful music.

Although very listenable in its own right, this CD also forms part of Robert's specific therapeutic recordings. This lovely recording has wonderful meditative qualities as well as being simply a joy to listen to.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Love Healing

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Dian BoothThe Music of Sunset DRCD 001

A CD featuring two live performances with Robert playing in duet with concert violinist Dian Booth. Both Sound Healers in their own right, Robert and Dian combined their talents to play two musical meditation performances in Perth. In these two spontaneously composed performances, Dian and Robert have produced a lovely meditative combination of sounds from violin and orchestral keyboard.

Listen to 30 second MP3 sample tracks:
Sunset Meditation at Kings Park

Sunset Meditation at Queens Gardens

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Liquid Music:

Much of the music listed above is also available as a meditative audio-visual on DVD. . This is an entirely new concept in therapeutic sound and visual application, and has already earned acclaim in the field of alternative therapeutic medicine.  Contact Robert for more details.

  Intense Therapeutic Series:

Besides producing individual recordings for clients, Robert has produced a number of recordings which have been produced for specific therapeutic purposes.

Two individual and powerful recordings which have proved remarkable in many ways in their respective applications.

An extraordinary recording which will take you down into an extremely deep sleep state then restore you to normal sleep levels. Has been used with success with Autistic children.

This recording can be used with any body tissue disorders, and is often used as a meditation piece by cancer sufferers.

The Thymus and Thyroid recording is used as a direct application tool to the neck and upper respiratory area. This is a remarkable recording of frequencies and harmonics designed to help stimulate the healthy function of both these glands.

For use specifically with broken or fractured bones, also damaged joints and sporting injuries.


Has a similar application to "Bone Tissue" but more definitive with bone cell and cartilage work.

These recordings come complete with full instructions, however it is highly recommended where ever possible to personally consult with Robert before using them in a therapeutic program. The application of these frequencies and harmonics is very specific. Treatment with the specialised harmonics on these recordings have resulted in tissue regeneration in many different applications.

To order Intense Therapeutic CDs ,  email  robert22@robertboydmusic.com  for further instructions


  Commercial Applications:

Robert's music can be heard playing in:

  • Qantas and associated airlines

  • Hospitals

  • Homes for the Aged

  • Other Institutions, Medical and Dental Surgeries,

  • Alternative Health Clinics and Healing Centres

  • Holistic retreats in Australia and overseas, including Hong Kong, Ireland, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, England, South Africa, Finland, New Zealand and the USA.