Robert Boyd:

Born: in Perth, Western Australia.

Life: Although much of my life has been spent in Perth, I have worked and lived a combination of twenty four years in different country areas or overseas. Such places as Beverley, Broome and Porongurup in Western Australia, eighteen months on Christmas Island and four years on the island of Bali.

Family: Mother was born in Belfast, Ireland. Father was 4th generation Australian of Irish/ Scottish descent. I am a Father of two and Grandfather of three children.

In later years however I have lived a single and somewhat dedicated life in following a very defined path of activity and discovery in the field of music, healing and self discovery.

Education: I left school to serve a 6 year apprenticeship as a Manufacturing Jeweller at the age of 15 and during that time I furthered my education on a part time basis which included the subjects of Psychology, Biology and Physiology and Art which brought me to a tertiary level.

Although jewellery was interesting and creative, it was not my future so I left the trade and the years following became a potpourri of study, music, self analysis and earning a living in Australia and beyond. This diverse existence has given me a wealth of experience in working with people of different cultures, a deep appreciation for the environment and above all some insight into my own existence.

At one time I was asked "which is the most important, Experience or Education"? My answer was "They are both equal in importance, however Education is not experience but Experience is education".

Video of Robert Playing Music

Interests: Music and more music, bush walking, natural history, painting, sound recording nature, photography, natural therapies, healing, personal growth, life science. meditation, yoga and the continual study of the relationship between all things through sound.

Sport: At my age walking and getting out into the environment with nature is about my limit. However as a younger person I enjoyed playing rugby, sailing , canoeing, scuba diving and involvement with anything to do with nature study and outdoors. And of course, all of this was punctuated with music. I was the "school boy" attributed to the rediscovery of the endangered Western Swamp Tortoise in 1956.

Activities: My Healing and Therapeutic work with Sound and Music has me travelling both in Australia and Overseas conducting lectures, workshops, master classes and motivational speaking.

Much of my time is dedicated to consultation work and producing healing music for individual clients.

I play publicly occasionally. The major event is my "Sunset Meditation" which is performed outdoors in natural surroundings and is usually in conjunction with the Perth Art Festival.

I have also performed these meditations nationally, the most recent being at Alice Springs in Central Australia, some of these events also include guest artists.

Playing at the opening Ceremony of the Green Expo in Singapore and at the world-renowned Jurong Bird Park were well received, however the difficulties and costs of transporting my specialised equipment overseas has limited my performances outside of Australia.

Motivation: Through my lectures, workshops, therapy work and music association; to further the cause of music and healing and the understanding that we as human beings do indeed have the capacity to heal ourselves both physically, mentally and spiritually, and that life is a sacred event.