Healing Ulcers

Applied Therapeutic Music Treatment Results

Diabetic Ulcer cured using The Silgar Method sound therapy techniques. There is 8 weeks duration between Photo 1 and Photo 3. The ulcer had been active in excess of 7 years. Note loss of little toe due to previous diabetic condition. In 4 weeks of using Robert's Silgar Method sound techniques, the ulcer had disappeared.

The 10mm hole had filled with new cellular growth. It took another 4 weeks to clear up to just a small patch of scar tissue and she was able to put weight on her foot and walk again.

Note also the difference in the general colour and condition of the foot from the 1st  to the 3rd and 4th picture

Photo 1: Prior to 13th January 2000

Photo 2: 17th February 2000

Photo 3: 9th March 2000

The photos with the white ID tags are medical photos taken at Charles Gairdiner Hospital. Perth Western Australia.

Photo 4: 12th October 2001 

Taken 18 months after the start of treatment, this photo shows callus tissue formation and no further recurrance of the ulcer.