Healing Laceration

Applied Therapeutic Music Treatment Results

Recently Robert had to use his own treatment on himself when he severely lacerated his leg after falling from a stage platform. The wound exposed the bone and stretched 90 mm across the front of his right leg about half way between the knee and the ankle. Eight stitches brought the two sides roughly together with a diagnosis of ongoing skin grafts before a complete healing could be possible.

Using the Silgar Method, Robert produced a half hour recording of specific harmonics which he applied directly to his leg morning and night. After three weeks a doctor at the hospital outpatients section thought she had the wrong file! She queried the name and asked why the head plastic surgeon had written the need for skin grafts. She said to Robert "You don't need skin grafts!"

In five weeks the wound had completely healed.

During a lecture at a complimentary medicine expo in Singapore six and half weeks after the accident, Robert demonstrated to the audience that his leg was completely healed by thumping on the scar tissue with a clenched fist.

Not only had the wound healed but the large hole had completely filled with new flesh leaving little trace on the leg but a smooth scar which is already starting to disappear.

Photo of leg treated with the Silgar Method showing smooth scar healing from deep laceration.