Applied Therapeutic Music


Robert Works from his studio on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. Australia. He uses specific frequencies and harmonics in musical form together with his relaxation and breathing techniques to help clients overcome stress-related disorders.

He has also pioneered a technique he calls  The Silgar Method - where he uses audible sound harmonics directly applied to cellular tissue with astounding results. His clients are from all walks of life. Robert has worked with autistic children, cancer patients, sufferers of insomnia, stroke victims and many different expressions of stress.

His music is used in Hospitals, Doctor and Dentist surgeries and homes for the aged.

Diabetic Ulcer

Robert has since used similar methods on a lady who had a diabetic ulcer on the sole of her foot. She had suffered this ulcer for almost 7 years without any sign of healing, and had also suffered a toe amputation due to her chronic diabetic condition. In 4 weeks of using Robert's Silgar Method sound techniques, the ulcer had disappeared. 

The 10mm hole had filled with new cellular growth. It took another 4 weeks to clear up to just a small patch of scar tissue and she was able to walk again.  The tagged photos are medical shots taken at the hospital


Robert has since used this method in many different applications with equal success, from broken bones to the treatment of eyes.


Recently Robert had to use his own treatment on himself when he severely lacerated his leg after falling off a platform. The wound exposed the bone and stretched 90 mm across the front of his right leg about half way between the knee and the ankle. Eight stitches brought the two sides roughly together with a diagnosis of on going skin grafts before a complete healing could be possible.

Robert produced a half hour recording of specific harmonics which he applied directly to his leg. After three weeks a doctor at the hospital outpatients section thought she had the wrong file! She queried the name and asked why the head plastic surgeon had written the need for skin grafts. She said to Robert "You don't need skin grafts!"

In five weeks the wound had completely healed.

During a lecture at a complimentary medicine expo in Singapore six and half weeks after the accident, Robert demonstrated to the audience that his leg was completely healed by thumping on the scar tissue with a clenched fist.

Not only had the wound healed but the large hole had completely filled with new flesh leaving little trace on the leg but a smooth scar which is already starting to disappear.



 Robert also experimented with The Silgar Method technique again on himself in an orthodontic capacity. Since a child he has had badly set teeth and at 65 he decided to have them straightened by full wire braces both upper and lower. For a mature age adult, braces can be expected to be worn for between 18 months to 30 months.

However, by using his sound frequencies method it took only 7 weeks for the top badly crossed two front teeth to completely separate together with notable straightening of the other surrounding crooked teeth. Now after only 12 months have passed, all the teeth are straight one with another. The rest of the work was to align the lower with the top so that the "bite" fitted comfortably before the braces could be removed. Since that time Robert has enjoyed straight teeth with a straight smile


The Silgar Method

Back in the late fifties I was fortunate to meet a remarkable person who was a healer and a psychic. Every one who knew her were touched deeply by this compassionate soul, me included. In the short few years I knew her she had taught this egotistic young man to look within and understand that the gift of music was not a toy for games but a God-given gift which could and should be used for good.

At the time those words were a bit much to comprehend all at once, and it has taken a lifetime of experience to truly know what those words meant and I must say I am still learning with awe.

Barbara would have been in her 50s when I first met her in 1958. She worked with relaxation techniques and music and with uncanny insight knew exactly what was needed to treat people for their problems.

Barbara always insisted that her healing abilities and knowledge came from higher beings with which she was in touch constantly, and those around her who received or witnessed these healings were never in doubt with what she had to say and do. One of the Spiritual names she would speak of was Silgar. It was a name she would work with and it represented a healing vibration. The name is an acronym for the phrase Service In Love Gives Attainment Realised. In her honour and in recognition of the energy and power in names, I have adopted the name to this sound healing technique.

This dear lady taught me a great deal about her healing methods and about myself, not just in words but having the privilege to be there to observe how this enchanting person lived in simplicity radiating unconditional love to all who crossed her threshold.

I have since worked with music and relaxation techniques for many years, but it wasn't till much later when I injured myself that I discovered the basic principles of what I now call the Silgar Method.

It came to me in a vivid dream after I had severely lacerated my leg. I saw my leg pulsating to music, literally saturated with sound, and as I watched in my dream the gaping wound closed and disappeared. The following day I meditated on the dream in front of the keyboards and soon started to play this strange music which lasted half an hour. I then began to use the music in the manner I had observed in the dream. The result was that the wound was completely healed within six weeks, to the point that I could punch the scar with a closed fist. This was a 9 cm laceration to the bone and not even a depression remains, just a small scar.

I have since developed the use of this direct application technique where I have produced a number of special audio frequencies and harmonics for different areas of the body and have so far had some remarkable results.